Where does the procedure take place?

We perform tubal ligation reversal in the hospital. While intraoperative complications are very rare, it is much safer to have abdominal surgery in a hospital setting with enhanced facilities.

How is tubal ligation reversal performed?

Tubal ligation reversal is performed using microsurgical tubal anastomosis. After opening the blocked ends of the remaining tubal segments, a blue dye is injected through the cervix, and its free flow from the previously blocked ends of the tube is observed. This step ensures that the fallopian tube is open from the uterine end to the tube’s fimbrial end. The newly created tubal openings are then drawn next to each other by placing a retention suture in the connective tissue that lies beneath the fallopian tubes. Microsurgical sutures are used to precisely ally the different layers of the tube while avoiding the inner layer of the fallopian tube.

Should I choose in vitro fertilization or reversal of tubal ligation?

Your provider can discuss the differences between the two as well as cost considerations.

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